4 Tips : How to Choose the Best Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridge is one of the main printer components, your mistake when choosing a replacement printer ink would have been fatal. It is not only damaging the cartridge, but you will lose much budget to buy new cartridge that has more than 40% of your printer price. Before buying a printer ink cartridge you need to have basic knowledge of how to choose the best printer ink cartridges.

4 tips for choosing the best ink cartridges

1. Choosing Printer Ink needs

If you are working on tasks that require you to print hundreds of sheets or images for this week, buy printer ink cartridges in greater amounts than usual.

This needs to be considered to enhance your reputation as an efficient worker and knowing about your target. Do not ignore this little problem, because I do not want you having trouble completing your work.

2. Choosing a Replacement Ink according to the Printer specifications

Understand the specifications of your printer and printer ink carefully. If your printer is a Canon MX882 series, you need to buy Canon Pixma ink with the same series and model.


Each type of printer ink particles has differed in structure, so each cartridge has a sensitivity to the different types and cartridge damage factor caused by the selection of printer ink that is not appropriate.

3. Testing the acidity of Printer ink cartridges

Printer ink with a low acidity level is good for keep extending cartridge’s life.

We do not require to be a chemist to test the acidity of these printer inks

Provide a glass of mineral water on the table a few seconds, so there is no shock at all.

Put your printer ink then observe the changes. If liquid ink particles fused with mineral water and spread perfectly, it meaning the printer ink has a low acidity.

The ink with high acidity usually be spread with irregular shapes.

A high acidity printer ink will leave a lot of sediment on the head cartridge. Accumulation of ink sediment will make your printer jams when printing, and will accelerate the damage to the cartridge.

4. Place to Buy printer ink

If you do not have much time to get out the office, the internet is a perfect solution for buying printer ink online.

You can buy great quality printer ink cartridges from many brand at Amazon who is a famous online store the most preferred by everyone. Visit this link to find special discount offers for this week.

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