Video Bunga Matahari di Pantai Jetis Purworejo

Shot movie about Sun Flower Macro Video with Canon Ixus 185 in Jetis Beach 2019, where sunflowers are located in the Jetis flower garden, Purworejo, Indonesia is in bloom and beautiful. Clearly seen in this flower macro video there is a honey bee which is sucking on honey. This flower Macro video was taken using a Canon Ixus 185 camera with macro settings. Sunflower is an annual plant originating from Mexico, the height of a good sunflower is 3m to 5m depending on the variety. Sunflowers have a single broad leaf, with stems usually overgrown with coarse, erect hair, and rarely branching sunflowers. The type of sunflower is composed of compounds, where there are 2 types of flowers, namely the flower edge or flower of the tongue which carries a large bright yellow sterile petal, and a fertile tube flower and produces seeds. These tube flowers can reach 2000 florets in one sunflower bunch.

Open pollination (cross) and assisted by insects, such as wasps, butterflies, and other insects. On a clear day, compound flower bunches follow the daily movements of the sun, whose symptoms are called heliotrope. Sunflowers have a 10% advantage over photosynthesis because of this movement.
Penampakan salah satu bunga matahari di Taman Bunga Pantai Jetis Ketawang Purworejo :

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