4 Tips to Keep Your Kitty Safe

Easy Tips to Keep Your Kitty Safe – By the way, how much your cat at home?

I have many cute kitty around of my room. Sometimes, I let them playing on the yard for many hours. If your home is near the street, I think you need some idea to let your kitten safe when they walks on outside.

How to Keep Your Kitty Safe?

If you need the great ideas, it is a simple: Don’t let them going to your neighbour house without notice, when they need some pop corn, ice cream, or green tea 😀

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This image above is taken from my brother phone. I has other funny gif pictures in my laptop too.

1. Health protection

Before you let all of your cute kitty outside, it should be fully vaccinated.

I don’t said that it is will gives total health protection, but it’s better for them.

2. How old your cats?

Therefore, If many of your cats are younger than five months, I don’t recommended you to let them alone without you.

It’s too dangerous for them.

3. Unique Cat Identity

You must have the photos of them. Additionally, my friend suggest me to give simple cat identification, such as a microchip or tattoo. I think microchips is great idea, because it is invisible. It will help us when one of our cute kitty go missing,

then picked up by pet control in our town. Make sure to contact your local shelter as soon as possible.

A microchip will be scanned by the animal control, then he will bring back your kitty to you. However, I use only an unique hand-made necklaces, because it will not hurt them.

4. Cat Enclosures.

The great way to keep our kitty safe when outside is usually to construct it a cat enclosure.

This is often next to your house so there exists a window that kitten are able to use to gain access to the location on its’ own.

You can put logs or another things in your neighborhood to restore interesting for the cat. In case you are making a region where the cat cannot appear and vanish into the house because it pleases, ensure the cat has water and shelter in the enclosure.