The Secrets of James Bond

The Secrets of James Bond: Today, we are talking about James Bond movie. What is his secret Don’t take it seriously friend. We all known about the Spectre film. This movie featuring Daniel Craig as Charismatic British agent. It is a 24th James Bond movie that has produced by Eon Productions and reputedly the most expensive cost.

This is the fourth movie starring Craig as James Bond. Although according to some people, not as interesting as the

Spectre movie than the others but still makes some people asked the charisma of this 007 agent.

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James Bond always easy to conquer the women hearts. This film was opened with scenes of Bond in the crowd march on

Rome suddenly easily get an Italian girl. She want to be invited Bond to date easily. What does this agent so easy to make a girl fall in love?

Here are some James Bond secrets why he is so easy to seduce women:

1. James Bond like a mysterious figure and a hero, that seemed unreachable and women always want to be the first girl who managed to bring Bond to the altar.

2. James Bond is the figure of the male and masculine guy and always complete all the missions successfully, it is

very attractive in the eyes of a girl.

3. James Bond is a conqueror.

He simply make the heart a girl slumped because of his charm. Sensual personality that easily attract the attention of girls around him. The way he walked, talked, and looked so can not be rejected by women.