Moshe Kantor

Today, I has read my friend tweet about a Moshe Kantor story.

Who is he My friend said that he is a wise leader, and currently serves as the “President of the European Jewish Congress,” it is some time ago said that speculators extremist Islam as the new Nazis. Comments came ahead of the 70th anniversary of the International Holocaust. Where in some important aspects of the extremists (on behalf of) Moslem is very close to Nazism. We can say that they are two aspects of the same crime. Moses insists he will not blame all Muslims because 99 percent of Muslims are law-abiding people who never thought to persecution or even murder. He simply blamed radical Islam. Features of this phenomenon is already known, the arrogance, the confidence unwavering on its own version of the truth offends other religions and ideals. Thus, he suggested that Europe makes laws to counteract xenophobia, hatred, incitement and anti-Semitism.

This is necessary in connection with the Jewish community in Europe feel unsafe as terror struck the Jewish supermarket in Paris a few weeks ago. The four Jews were taken hostage and killed by armed men. Circles that a deadly terrorist attack on the office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Thus, the psychological effects continue to feel safe and harmony among Furthermore ethnic, tribal, religious, and class should be maintained, it is not easy to share because of the slander and abusive behavior on a group or community that is not responsible.

Are you agree with him?

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