Whatsapp Hacking Rumour, Is it true?

Whatsapp Hacking, Is it true?I ‘m not a techie.So I can not answer that question correctly. Every one know that WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular phone messaging application in 2017.

Every day, millions of users use these applications to send and receive messages. On the one hand WhatsApp application (WA) is very practical, fast and functional to serve as a means of communication. It also share multiple types of files individually or a few people in a group chat in WA.

However, my friend said that despite WA chat application is both safe in terms of hijacking an account, but there are still gaps to allow the “hijack” a WA account by hackers. Hacker here could be around us, and very likely they are people who live at home with you.

I ask question to him : “Is it possible that someone hack my WhatsApp account Can you explain?”

He said that there are several ways and methods that can be done to hack WhatsApp account, such as:

1. Hack Whatsapp account from confirmation SMS OTP

2. Hack Whatsapp account from Whatsapp Call

3. Hack Whatsapp account from Spy Apps

4. Hack Whatsapp account from Messages Extraction

5. Another way to use custom application hack, which made the software expert.

I ‘m not sure, is it just his opinion or a real story I think none of these tricks work, if the hacker does not have physical access to our phone. He sent me a link to some Hacking WhatsApp online website. Is he just trying to scare me?

Be careful about everything. We should find many trusted resources before answer this question. Thanks for reading.