Unique Marilyn Monroe Love Story

Marilyn Monroe, who is she Firstly, I am not too familiar about her name. When I search Marilyn Monroe on Google, I found about 33,300,000 results. I pointed to image search then I saw thousands Marilyn Monroe photos. OMG, She was very cute when laughing.

Therefore, I want to know more about her biography at Wikipedia. I understand now, that she is an popular American actress and models in the past. She was born on June 1, 1926.

History records that in January 1954, she did a second marriage with a baseball star. The lucky man named is Joe DiMaggio.

There is one unique facts about her love story. Marilyn Monroe asks Joe promises about the surprising things.

The promise is: If she died before him, then Joe should bring flowers on her grave every week.

Unfortunately, she was dead on 1962 with a mystery. Everyone in her country has witnessed, Joe’s kept his promise. In her whole life, she had a an incredible career. She received many awards from 1952 until 1962. The Golden Globe award in 1962 is the latest award for her.

Her death has since been surrounded in controversy. Some Marilyn Monroe fans and admirers believe that she was given the pills against her will.

Although she was death more than five decade, mystery of death and her popularity are still discussed to this day. We can ask to our grandpa about Marilyn Monroe photo collections. If your grandpa has a Marilyn Monroe posters on his living room, I think he is the real Marilyn Monroe fans 🙂