An Underworld – Kate Beckinsale

An Underworld – Kate Beckinsale : For those of you who are very fond of the horror film, you should certainly will not miss a movie called Underworld, and its main actress Kate Beckinsale. The role and the acting is done is very complete and also “terrible”, because she plotted as a queen of vampire.

Kate considerable success as the star of a horror movie, but a few moments ago she got a failure in domestic affairs, to get the divorce from her husband, Len Wiseman, who has been with her for 12 years. Len Wiseman even called the divorce had sent a letter to the court. According to the news that their separation backdrop of the many differences that can never be resolved.

However, sources say that the two are mutually antagonistic. Because they had seen were still together in Los Angeles some time ago. Meanwhile, Kate and Len turned out to farewell recently not only smelled the public. Reportedly since November 2015, the two are rarely shared. Len Wiseman himself even been caught on camera out of the house without wearing a wedding ring.

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