Types of Surrogacy

Types of Surrogacy – Baby is a figure very coveted by all married couples in marriage in a household. But there are some families who can not have children or offspring despite being married for so long, and had tried various methods of treatment to get pregnant.

If the already adjudged that one of the couple is not productive or barren, then there are other ways that can be taken to get the child, that is by adoption, IVF systems, and surrogacy.

Until now, surrogacy system can not apply in general in some countries, for consideration norms and decency. However, this system has been able to apply in many developed countries, such as in Europe and America.

Basically, there are 2 types of surrogacy:

1. Gestational Surrogate (GS)

Gestational Surrogate in principle to use the egg from the sperm of the husband and the wife, after the fertilized through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), then a third party called Surrogate Mother (SM) is tasked to contain their fetus until birth.

For this type of course surrogate egg and sperm of couples in good shape, it’s just my wife might develop a certain disease and if it contains will be threatening the wife and their baby. To perform pairing GS IP and BC should come to fertility center or specialty clinic that handles the process of surrogacy. For more information about it, we can read on http://maternitasurrogata.eu/ website.

2. Traditional Surrogate (TS).

Traditional Surrogacy do if the wife is not to produce eggs again because of age or her uterus removed and for some reason a healthy egg is not saved. Storage healthy egg cells in patients whose womb would be removed. TS also be the perfect solution if you are a single man who want child but have not yet found the ideal partner.