The Beatles Posters

The Beatles Posters – Pop and rock music today is the result of the biggest influences of The Beatles. Lie was great, if there are local musicians and the world that does not recognize the influence of The Beatles in the music that they contributed.

Therefore, it must be recognized that the struggle of the Beatles finally able to make a great contribution in the form of influence on musicians and music at this time. In America and Europe, we recognize the great musical groups, such as; Cold Play, Weezer, Oasis, Jet, Keane, Rivermaya, are openly adapting the music of The Beatles.

They are a band that was influenced by the power of rock n roll 60s from The Beatles. The Beatles formed by John Lennon originally put the name of The Quarrymen, later changed its name to the Beetles, Johnny & The Moondogs, The Beetles, The Silver Beatles, until eventually became The Beatles.

When entering the world of recording the first time in 1961 to accompany the singer Tony Sirredian, The Beatles consisted of: John Lennon (guitar), George Harrison (guitar), Paul McCartney (guitar), Stuart Stutclife (bass) and Pete Best (drums) , They recorded the album My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean is very well known and sought-after teenager at the time who was plagued skilfile culture.

Photographs, posters, paintings, clips, songs, and video performances of The Beatles has been widely circulated in the media. If the you still want to add to the collection of The Beatles posters, you can buy it now.