How to Test a Laptop Microphone

Today, I want to talk about simple tips about how to test a laptop microphone. What is your laptop brand Microphone on a laptop / netbook usually serves as a voice recorder and a tool for direct online communication, be it chat and call over the internet. These days, many online communication service providers who provide the facility to converse directly, such as: Skype, Yahoo Voice, GTalk, VoIP, and others.

However, have you ever found your notebook microphone not working properly?

The problem maybe comes from your hardware setting. It is still in a state of mute or has not been activated, but did not rule out also if it turns out your microphone is broken.

If the microphone was no interference, then you can perform checks and measures to address the problem on a microphone, that do almost the same as the way to handle the sound.

Please remember, that you only need to make sure your notebook microphone you use to function properly. You can activate microphone device through the Windows Hardware. Find Sound and Audio Devices Properties menus.

Additionally, if you want to try a simple way to check microphone, you can perform it by using a free computer microphone tester online. My brother give suggestion for visiting to test my laptop microphone. I will follow this link later.