Street Kids

Street kid, not their desire to be a street kids, circumstances and fate forces them to be like that. Let’s wake our concern for them. In major cities in various countries, many street children who are forced to earn their own living and work to help his family. And the roads are not safe it certainly is one of those places for busking, begging, and make money.

They with sophisticated tools to earn a livelihood every day on the streets. This concern is making a collection of various social or non-commercial organizations to do something useful for street children, in the form of care, support, and real work, on humanitarian grounds.

One of the social organization as a forum for activists who are concerned with street kids is This Child Here – Odessa, Ukraine.

This Child Here is a USA non-profit helping orphans and former street kids in the region of Odessa, Ukraine.

By having a clear vision and mission for street children and abandoned children who are on the territory of Ukraine. The vision of This Child Here is a children world with the support of families, a world without kids living on the streets.

This Child Here has a mission to guide and encourage street kids toward a life with a family, in a shelter, or orphanage, and to provide these children with the love, encouragement, life skills, and motivation to lead healthy emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual lives. No kid should live on the streets.