An Unique Side: Stamp Collection

Stamp collecting is an of an unique hobbies. Hobby of stamp collection has been popular for a long time, i.e. since the first stamps issued in the UK in 1804, and its author was Sir Rowland Hill. Hobby of collecting stamps called philately and collecting stamps (collectors) called philatelists.

Craze stamp collection, gives a lot of benefits, including to train perseverance, discipline, respect for the work of art and history, exercise patience, adding and enriching, and personal forming tenacious. Stamp collection would be more valuable if it meets several conditions such as:

– Completeness (based on a theme or country)

– Uniqueness (stamps with designs or special molds, stamps were printed in special shapes, stamps were issued for special events)

– Scarcity (stamps that have relatively long-lived could only be found in very small quantities or rare)

– Recognition of the World (stamp which was awarded through exhibitions nationally and internationally)

Community of stamp collectors often hold contests and exhibitions, both national and international contests. Fairs and international stamp exhibition divided into several categories, such as; categories in a theme, such as flora and fauna, architecture or culture, and so on. As for the race, such as; race compiled stamps with ‘stories and narratives’ which is also divided into many different categories, such as youth and adult categories.