Spain travel advice

What is the first thought in your mind about Spain Tortilla, Barcelona, Real Madrid city or Fernando Torres If you are the football lovers, you might mentioned the words: Barcelona, Real Madrid city or Fernando Torres. However, what is Tortilla Have you not heard it?

You can find the answer by visiting the nearest restaurant in your town, especially the typical European restaurant menus provider.

Tortillas cuisine is similar to an omelette that usually mixed with potatoes.

If you like to try different kinds of seafood menu, you can try special Spain dishes that named Pulpo a la Gallega and Paella.

The vegetarians are often some small problems when traveling. If you or your friend is a vegan, you can try

pickled olives typical spanish that is named Aceitunas Ali?adas. Olive fruit has many benefits for our health.

Anti-oxidants in olive will improve the digestive system, boost the immune system and reduce aging effect for your skin.

Olives have a high iron element, this is great for vegetarians because it will increase the production of red blood, cells in your body.

This fruit also believed to help binding oxygen in your blood, so you will be better for your health.

Football, delicious cuisine and tourist attractions are the three things you’ll find in Spain.

Madrid city has more than 8 famous tourist spot. Plaza de Cibeles is probably the most famous sights in this city. You can enjoy the magnificence of the Spanish Army Headquarters building, Madrid City Hall and other grand buildings in this Cibeles Square.

Another interesting place is the Puerta de Alcal?. Alcala Gate was built in the 18th century.

I think the best time for visiting to this place is at night. You can enjoy the beauty of the lights and flower gardens that surround the monument.

If shopping is your hobby, you should take the time to visit the Gran Via Street.

Besides traveling, whether you are interested in learning the Spanish If yes, then you should look for spanish lessons course at your town. Happy travelling!