A Punk Rock – Fall Out Boy

A Punk Rock – Fall Out Boy – Do you know that a Pop punk musical genres (known as punk rock) much in demand in the United States One of the groups that preserve this flow is Fall Out Boy. Based in Illinois, United States, each personnel Fall Out Boy initially joined hardcore band. Finally, after they met, formed Fall Out Boy. Consists of Patrick Stump (vocals, guitar), Pete Wentz (bass), Joe Trohman (guitar), and Andy Hurley (drums).

Fall Out Boy formed in 2001, succeeded in bringing the music of pop punk with the more frightening. Although located in the path of pop punk, Fall Out Boy participated flow experiment with alternative rock and emo. Frontman Patrick Stump is one of a musician that is multi-talented. He can not only sing, but also very adept at playing the guitar, piano, drums, percussion, bass, saxophone, mandolin and others. Patrick is also known as a producer, actor, and music critics. His voice is the best version of Billboard between all the punk rock band’s lead singer.

Bassist Pete Wentz is believed to play a role as the author of the lyrics of songs Fall Out Boy. His grandfather was a minister in the United States embassy to Sierra Leone, West Africa. Although not graduated from college political science at DePaul University, but he successfully married to Ashlee Simpson, a beautiful actress and singer who is the younger sister of Jessica Simpson.

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