Led Zeppelin Posters

Led Zeppelin is one of the famous rock band from England. They formed in September 1968 in London, England. Led Zeppelin consisted of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones on bass and keyboardist, and the last was John Bonham as drummer. They include one of the bands best, most popular and most influential in the music industry of all time until now.

They are also referred to as the first heavy metal band that includes heavy guitar sound. Although the rock genre is their main genre, but Led Zeppelin brought many other genres of music, including blues and folk, rockabilly, reggae, jazz, soul, funk, classic, pop, Latin, country, Arabic music and Indian music. Songs that is produced can become international hits. So they are also referred to as the biggest band in the 70s.

Led Zeppelin were able to reap success thanks to the albums they release. Among all the songs, maybe a song called Stairway To Heaven in 1971 called their biggest songs and even regarded as the best rock song of all time.

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