King of Pop Legend: Michael Jackson

King of Pop Legend: Michael Jackson – Hello friend, I will not explained more detail about his name. You should know what the reason. If you are not familiar about his name, maybe you need to go to a hospital as soon as possible.. #jk 🙂

Everybody know, Michael Jackson died at his home in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 14:26 local time.

He was unconscious after suffering heart failure (cardiac arrest). He is suspected of having it shortly after being given an injection of Demerol. His death is inviting sorrow for musicians and music lovers in various countries. A number of world musicians recalled Michael Jackson on August 29, 2015. That date is the king of pop birthday.

Today, I want to talk about some famous star tweet about the King of Pop Legend: Michael Jackson from their social media account.

If Michael Jackson is still alive, then in 2016, Michael Jackson was 58 years old. Firstly, Jermaine. He is Michael Jackson brother. He tweeted in his account to honor the owner of the Thriller album. “Keep remembering,” wrote Jermaine at @jermjackson5.

Meanwhile La Toya; other Jackson siblings, also write a testimonial on his Twitter account @latoyajackson; “Your presence has lifted everyone! Your music is taking us in the joy! Your gift will always be with us”.

Therefore, Tito Jackson also upload photos with Jackson’s childhood while saying happy birthday on her Facebook account. Singer Justin Bieber too little respect for Jackson, he wrote, “Happy birthday MJ! #RIP “On account @justinbieber. Likewise with rapper Pharrel Wiliams.

We always remember the legends. Happy birthday to the King, ” he wrote in an account @pharrel also upload photos of Michael Jackson.

Unlike the others, singer Paula Abdul in memory of Michael Jackson by uploading a video link from the legendary music titled Liberian Girl in @PaulaAbdul Twitter account. Still on that account, Paula wrote: “Happy Birthday, #MichaelJackson You change My world!”.

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