Five Tips for Kids Birthday

Every children will be very happy in their birthday. They always think that you have prepared a special gift and you will celebrate her birthday with great fanfare.

I can imagine how my bother setting up my nephew ‘s birthday party.

How do you do the preparation to celebrate your kids special occasion?

Before you continue reading, I suggest you to plan at least a month before your child ‘s birthday.

Five Simple Tips for Your Kids Birthday

1. Preparation of food

You must provide the number of dishes at least 140 % of the invitation.

For example : If you want to invite 100 children , then you should prepare 140 dishes .

I guess for the number of invitations above 50, it’s better to looking for catering services to facilitate the this dish preparation.

2. Invitation party

You should calculate the amount of your kid’s school friends and neighbourhood kids around your home. List the names of the notes, then recheck it. If you do not memorize all of them, you can discuss with your child to ask his opinion.

I think the most ideal time to send a party invitation is 7-10 days before the celebration.

3. Place

You can use your garden or the yard as a place to celebrate a birthday. If your home is less extensive or you do not have time to prepare, then you have to hire a special party venue. Try to choose a place that is easily accessible and it’s not too far from your home or your child guests.

4. Supplies Party

Write a list of purposes for the equipment your child’s birthday party. These party supplies include birthday cake, room decorating, and games in accordance with the theme of your child’s birthday. I suggest you to discuss with your child on his birthday topic.

In addition, you need to give a special souvenir for your child guests .

You do not have to order an expensive souvenir, but you can order a unique souvenirs at the online store, such as ???????? ????????? .

5 . Budget

If you have planned four points which I have mentioned above, you will certainly know the total budget should you spend. You should rearrange everything to avoid unexpected expenses.

However, if you do not have time to take care of everything, you can find the kids event organizer in your town. This method may be the most simple way, but you might need a bigger budget.

At the bottom line of my five tips for your kids birthday, I would be say:

A democratic parenting is great for the positive development and psychological adjustment in children.

Thanks for reading 🙂