Doctor Who Journey

Doctor Who Journey – Doctor Who is the title of the British TV series that tells the story of a person who is known as the ‘Doctor’ is so time-traveler. Doctor Who is a series that may not have been widely followed, despite the fact that the series has been going on for years. Maybe you’re starting to get confused how a series could run for it.

All will be missed, and after you read 4 this reason, you will definitely become a Whovians. The main character in the series is an alien who comes from Gallifrey, the home planet of the Timelords, one of the oldest alien race who has absolute power for 10 million years.

At the beginning of his journey, The Doctor “borrow” a TARDIS, a tool that allows one to go anywhere and anytime. TARDIS is also equipped with a camouflage that allows it to change shape to fit the situation around, but when the Doctor was on earth, camouflage appliance is damaged so that makes trapped in a police phone box shape as it is now.

The figure of Doctor Who is not only played by one actor. When The Doctor died in an episode, he raised and replaced with the next reincarnation. This makes the series can continue to survive with the figure of The Doctor is different. Uniquely, every reincarnation The Doctor has a different personality.

For example, when the character of The Doctor, played by David Tennant, he had a private Doctor cheerful, but sometimes it can turn into a cold-hearted as opposed to when Matt Smith as The Doctor thereafter. The Doctor a person who always tried to entertain himself and to cover the sadness in him. Overall, the Doctor Who posters is the most wanted collection’s for your living room.