Cute Avril Lavigne Posters

Cute Avril Lavigne Posters – Happy rainy days friend, It is so cold in the week. These day, I will write a short story about Avril Lavigne biography. Se was born in a small town, Napanee, Ontario. Avril in singing ability has been unknown since he was 2 years old, when her mother says Avril has started to sing hymns in church.

Her family moved to Napanee when she was 5 years old. In 1998, Lavigne won a competition to sing the official tour Shania Twain. Avril sang a song titled Shania What Made You Say That. When Avril before the age of 16, she was enrolled by Ken Krongard, an artist and a journalist, a representative of the record company Arista. Ken invited Antonio “L.A.” Reid to listen to Avril singing in a recording studio owned by Peter Zizzo in New York. Furthermore Avril contract completes first album, Let Go.

The first album Avril, Let Go, was released on June 4, 2002 in the United States, occupying two there, and occupy position 1 in Australia, Canada, England, and other countries, with the hits singles song “Complicated”, “Sk8er Boy”,” I’m with You “, and” Losing Grip “.

The album was very successful and sold more than 17 million worldwide, its 7 million sold in the US. Achievements and beauty Avril made him more famous around the world, stout photos, wallpapers, posters and video clips are scattered in various media. For those of you who want to buy cheap Avril Lavigne posters with good quality, can get in many famous poster store on your city.