Cute Audrey Hepburn Story

Cute Audrey Hepburn Story – Audrey Hepburn, a girl who was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1929.

His mother was native of the Netherlands, whose father was a man are citizens of the United Kingdom. As a child, Audrey sent her to a boarding school in Kent, England. Audrey spent her childhood in a well though at first she was a bit difficult to adjust because of not being able to speak English.

When political fascism spread to some in Europe, including the UK. Some Britons, including Audrey’s father was also involved. Not how long the war broke out in Europe after Germany invaded Poland. Netherlands that was originally declared itself neutral, eventually also dragged down after the Germans invaded the country.

After Allied forces succeeded in liberating the Netherlands, Audrey tried to repeat the dance course in Rambira Ballet School, England, guided coach Sonia Gaskell. Some time later Audrey realized that her physical condition was not able to reach the summit as prime ballerina, due to factors of acute malnutrition while living in the Netherlands. Audrey with its own consciousness and then resigned from the activity of ballet dancing. The journey of life change as a Broadway theater director found out when Cute Audrey was in Monaco.

When conducting tests on Audrey along with other candidates, a female director was finally established as the main character Audrey Hepburn opera ‘Gigi’ which will begin performances on Broadway, New York. An other directors are also interested in taking Audrey, natural-looking, black-eyed large, flat-chested, as the main actress in the film entitled: ‘Roman Holiday‘.

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