Cool Rappper – Nicki Minaj

Cool Rappper – Nicki Minaj : You may not too familiar with her. For Your Info: Nicky Minaj entered into the list of 100 most influential people by Time magazine. Her name is coupled with world leaders like Pope Francis, Tim Cook, as well as other celebrities like Adele and Idris Elba.

Singer and producer Lil Wayne had the opportunity to testify and explain

why the rapper she was very influential, that Nicki Minaj is one of

the best rapper. Her achievement beyond what was envisioned back when I

first saw her. She was very influential, do everything right and be a

role model for young girls today .

Nicky voiced the importance of women to understand their own potential and did not hesitate to fight for the rights. In young women who are starting a career she advised,

that ‘if you have a remarkable ability, do not hesitate to ask for more pay “. Nicky was not only busy with music, but also venturing into the business world, one of them by creating a unique perfume.

Several times Nicki Minaj released a perfume with a unique bottle shape, among others;

Pink Friday, Minajesty, and Onika. Onika taken from the original name Nicki Minaj, is Onika Tanya Maraj. According to Nicki, the fragrance of perfumes offered Onika, like the fragrance of the angels in the garden filled with perfection. Shape perfume bottle perfume Onika Nicki was the same as the others, ie, as a representative of the Nicki Minaj. If you a Nicki Minaj admirer, you should have a lot of her photographs on your iphone. Do you have her HD posters Can you recommended me the best store to buy cheap Nicki Minaj posters with high quality pictures?