Certification Services

Under state regulations, that every effort be it small, medium to large businesses are required to have a license. Business license is a letter stating that the state approves and allows us to open up a business. This license applies not only in big cities, because small business owners in town also must have this permit. This license can be created and issued by any – any local government or local district.

Taking care of business license requires precision, complete terms, and the correct procedure. In order to facilitate the care of permits and business license, we can use the services of an experienced agency or institution in the legal field, certification services, and a business license.

Grantra is one of the agents that could be a solution for you in terms of business license, certificate of employment, and all legal matters relating to business. To use the services of Grantra, you can directly consult via telephone at + 7 (812) 998-64-40, or by visiting http://grantra.com