Cassius Marcellus Clay Junior Story

Cassius Marcellus Clay Junior Story – Who is he Before renamed Muhammad Ali, he named Cassius Marcellus Clay Junior. For fans of the boxing world, is certainly no stranger to the name of? Muhammad Ali.

The former heavyweight world champion three times, and the legendary figure of the world. In his time, the famous Ali as a boxer is greatly feared by opponents. And, he also dubbed as The Greatest.

Therefore, he was able to conquer the greatest boxer at the time, such as; Sony Liston, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, and others. In fact, the fight against Foreman and Joe Frazier be the best fight throughout the 20th century.

Ali was also named as the greatest boxer in the 20th century. Names as ‘The Greatest’ is pinned him since he defeated the boxer who also has a great name. Until now, his name is considered as the best boxer ever publicly owned US and blacks.

Success Ali won the world title in a row put him the greatest athlete of the 20th century. In fact, the title was changed the public’s view of the status and black athletes. The success was also eventually raise the dignity of the black athletes to a high place with respect and good acceptance from white and black communities.

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