Aqualift Hydrophilic Gel

An aqualift hydrophilic gel is one of the gel as the best choice for your skin moisturizer and your family.

In the middle of the competition is increasingly widespread moisturizing products on the market and cosmetics shop, choose the best moisturizing and healthy for you.

Facial moisturizer for oily skin, as well as to the skin in other parts of the body, should be selected that oil-free or contains no oil at all.

hydrophilic gel

This type of facial moisturizer is perfect because only retain moisture without causing facial skin becomes shiny by oil. Facial moisturizer labeled oil-free usually contain aloe-vera extract, green tea extract, or chamomile flower extract are effective in preventing the emergence of excess oil but still moisturize your skin.

Water-based moisturizer is suitable for application in your oily skin. Because water-based moisturizer is easily absorbed and increase nutrients in the skin cells while inhibiting the production of oil by the tissue under the skin.

In addition, you also can apply even in irritated skin though, because water-based moisturizer is cool without causing a burning sensation. For more information and reservations, we contact +38,068 636-77-77, or visit