Alecia “Pink” Beth Moore Career

Alecia “Pink” Beth Moore Career – Alecia Beth Moore, do you known about her She also known by the name of Pink, a famous singer from the United States. Pink singing abilities had been seen as a teenager.

She never entered the school band, Middleground. From there, he began to hone the ability to write song lyrics. At the age of 16 years, she was colaborate with her two friends, Stephanie Galligan and Chrissy Conway. They set up an R & B group named “Choice”.

However, the group should be disbanded because the parents do not approve of their children who were aged less than 18 years into the world of entertainment. Pink then prefer a solo career after leaving Choice. She released her debut single “There You Go”, on February 2000.

The single made it into the Billboard Hot 100 and has sold 500 copies. The success of delivering Pink released her debut album titled “Can not Take Me Home” (2000) with a single pledge, such as “Most Girls” and “You Make Me Sick”. If you want to get Pink posters with good quality, you should be bought in trusted online posters website.

Career singer who had a unique talent is getting jumped when she collaborated with Christina Aguilera and Lil ‘Kim to sing the soundtrack of the film “Moulin Rouge!” entitled “Lady Marmalade”. Thanks to this song Pink won several prestigious awards such as the video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Award and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals Grammy Award.