About Gwen Stefani

About Gwen Stefani – Today, I want to talk about a cute girl, Gwen Stefani. She got a chance to appear in the last state banquet US President Barack Obama, on October 18th / 2016. Chanter ‘Rich Girls’ stole the attention of many people Kareba costumes worn when it was in the black dress is dreamy.

It takes place on the lawn of the White House, where the event was held to entertain the Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi and a wife who was on an official visit in the United States. Gwen Stefani is celebrity figure much admired by the fans in many countries, because of the beauty and sexiness.

No wonder the photos, wallpaper, and posters Gwen much sought after and collected by fans, including by buy cheap Gwen Stefani posters, for reasons of better picture quality.

For this special occasion, Gwen chose a floral-patterned black dress sexy. The dress comes in a distant dreamy sheer material with a low neckline, and her blond hair styled with a ponytail who have perfected style sexy and beautiful style. Not as guests only, Gwen also climb the stage with a lover, Blake Shelton – Country singer.

These lovebirds sang their duet song, “Go Ahead And Break My Heart“, in the presence of a number of important guests, such as designer Giorgio Armani, Frank Ocean, James Taylor, and Rachael Ray. In addition to Gwen, one other figure that drew attention was Michelle Obama. She was known ‘loyal’ in the domestic designers, Michelle chose Atelier Versace gown as a tribute to Italian.