4 Simple Living Room Cleaning Tips

4 Simple Living Room Cleaning Tips – How often do you clean your living room?
This work is a routine activity for everyone, especially for girls. If you are busy, then you must call a cleaning service agent for your living room. If you are single, I think it’s not difficult to do it yourself.

People who are single will certainly have less garbage than people who have a family. I can imagine, how busy to clean the living room at my brother‘s house. The scattered food and toys, are a sight that we usually find in the living room. If you have children, you must have experienced something like it.

4  step on  the Living Room Cleaning  Tips

1. Tissue
Tissue is the equipment that should always be in every room in your house.
If you have air conditioning, the dust can be reduced. However, it does not mean that your home is completely free of dust for all day.

2. Visual observation
When relaxing in the living room, take a moment to observe the property. Tables, chairs and picture frames are the main focus. Is there any residual dust or dirt left behind. If dirt sticks to the surface of your properties, you can use a tissue with a dampened water to clean it.
I suggest you have a special moistened cloth. Wipe cloth from microfiber material is my choice, because it cleans quickly and hygienically.

3. Prepare cleaning equipment
Do not put your dirty clothes or shoes in the living room. If you have this habit, then you need a box to collect it first.
Box can be used as a temporary ‘hideout’, especially when you get a surprise visit from your friends or family.
After that, you can start using a vacuum cleaner and sweep the floor around your living room.

4. Aroma Therapy
When we clean a living room, sometimes we find the dust smell.
After you have cleaned all corners of the living room, take a room sprayer.
It will make your living room aura becomes more fun. I like this kind of aromatic spray therapy.

As a single person, I prioritize to get rid of some unimportant properties. I do not like to make my living room look full.
In addition, I want my guests who will be very comfortable by providing more empty spaces in the living room area of my house.
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