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Birds On High Voltage Lines

Birds On High Voltage Lines When I walked down with him to the mini jungle beside my home, my 7 years-old nephew was very pleased . Every time he was on vacation with his parents, he always visited this place. Occasionally, he asked about the tree names whom he had never seen around his town. He likes to watch a bunch of sparrows that playing through the pine branches.

He always says hello with the birds, because he thought that the bird could understand what he was saying. I think he's right. The bird was looked down to him, then it moves to difference distance from where we stand. :)

The bird moved to another tree that is higher than the previous tree. Some of the other birds perched on electrical wires that stretched across the forest.
What do children think when they see?
He would ask the same topic when I was 8 years old. Why do not they get shocked when the bird sit on high voltage lines?
Because God gives a natural advantage to the little bird legs.

The science development makes people finding the logical answers why it happened. The ground is one of the simplest to answer. You've seen electricians always use the boots and gloves when repairing your home power lines installation. They do not 'get shocked' as well as birds. This happens because their legs are not connected directly to the land as ground.

The leg birds have good resistance, but not with their bodies. Power lines are very dangerous, so I dont recommended you to play with this.
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