Cheap Universal iPhone 4 Defender Case

Otterbox Universal iPhone 4 Defender Case is great protection for your Verizon iPhone. It does come with its own belt clip, which holds the phone securely. This is not the case for you if you are constantly taking your cellphone out of its case to use a docking station.

You place your phone in a hard-shell case that snaps together. The front of the hard shell has a built in screen protector, then placed in a silicon/rubber cover which adds shock absorbant protection to the rear, sides, and the front edges.

Cheap Universal iPhone 4 Defender Case has eight cool color options special for you. The sleep, home, and volume buttons are covered by the silicon/rubber shell but have molded buttons to maintain the functionality of those buttons. The head phone jack, mute button, and docking area have silicon/rubber tabs, which cover them to prevent dust from entering.

These tabs can be lifted as needed to access the aforementioned.

This ‘defender case‘ is available for international shipping and definitely worth a buy. After a while, you forget you’re using the iPhone through a case, a few things to note.

1. The flap/hole for the left switch is a tight fit, but assuming all of these cases are made exactly the same. It won’t be an issue to access the switch. There’s enough space where the switch isn’t touching the case, but there’s less than 1mm of space between. This is probable what they mean by universal.

2. The top hole is not the ear buds but for the microphone . It lines up exactly with what it’s intended to expose. You have to open the top flap if you want to get to the headphone jack.

3. The top feels a little loose, for some reason. I highly doubt it’s enough to matter, and I’m not taking off points for it, but it’s something to note.

Universal iPhone 4 Defender Case

Your iPhone 4 has come to be a big part of your life, with retina display, multitasking, FaceTime video, HD video recording and more; you have got a lot to lose. You will not find a tougher case than the OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 4. Stay cool, we have got the iPhone 4 covered

If you are an AT&T iPhone 4 user and you are unsure of which case to get, I HIGHLY recommend this cheap universal defender: ? visit this link for more great offers about this product.





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