Samsung Chromebook 3G Review

Samsung Chromebook 3g

Samsung Chromebook 3g

Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook has a slim design with PowerPlus battery can be recharged more than 1000 times and many smart features included, so I think the Samsung Chromebook 3g is the great choice for us.

Today, I will share information why you should have this cool Chromebook, let me show a few things to note about the Samsung Titan Silver Chromebook.

1. Samsung Chromebook 3G Design

This product has weight only 3.3 pound, 0.8 inch thick which almost 7 hours of continuous use, provides comfort for us to brings this chromebook anywhere.

The high quality 12.1-inch LED display makes it easy to browse while the room is quite dark or cloudy weather because superbright system makes your display 40% more brighter than another chromebook.

Keyboard designed with full-size layout, so we can get more done and comfortable.

Samsung Chromebook 3G Titan has built-in WiFi and integrated 3G broadband cellular connectivity via Verizon Wireless, so we can connected with internet at anywhere we go. Supported with two USB ports, a 4-in-1 memory card reader, and Webcam included for video chat with your friend.

2. Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook Performance

Samsung chromebook 3G boots in less than 7 seconds and awakes from sleep mode when you open this chromebook lid.

As a web designer, I love Google Chrome because it is one of the fastest browser which full support for HTML5, and all of Chrome notebook runs millions of web apps more faster which all of your apps stay up-to-date automatically.

Samsung Chromebook 3g

Chromebooks run the first OS designed from the ground up to defend against the ongoing threat of ‘terrorist’. It uses Samsung advanced technology to help prevent malware from accessing our documents without to lift a finger and you get the latest version of the operating system forever without having to upgrade manually, how about your notebook security system?

3. Samsung Chromebook 3G Price

It’s worth buying for the all amazing features of this chromebook and more than 120 consumer write satisfied reviews about this notebook. If you want a notebook that works fast, is reliable with cheap price, Get this one!

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Canon MX882 Review|Canon Pixma MX882 Printer

Canon MX882 Review

Canon MX882 pixma is the really all in one wireless inkjet printer, because we can print all document from any room in our office, integrated with 35-sheet auto duplex document feeder, connect from many WiFi devices likes desktop PC or notebook, and we can print photographs directly from our android.

The Canon MX882 brings amazing quality, speed and easy of use to your business. It is the best choice for people who want to increase home office productivity and efficiency. This pixma printer has a USB port and memory cards slot, so its makes easy for us to load photos from a portable flash drive or SD Memory.

Canon MX882 Review

If you have the collection about many favorite HD movie clips, Canon MX882 options now also expand to Full HD Movie Print with quality photos up to 8.5″ x 11″ in size and print a border-less, 4″ x 6″ for only 20 seconds.

The Canon MX882 operates with five ink cartridges; so when one specific color runs out, we just need to change that one cartridge and not the entire array. I also noticed Canon pixma MX882 installs easily to reach ‘shortcuts’ on your desktop PC to manage simply your function for your printer.

This Canon MX882 printer which Dual Function Panel feature has useful function to transform into a keypad in fax mode. The scanner worked beautiful, as I was quickly able to scan an old photo and upload it to my notebook for easy sharing. It is produces 2400 x 4800 dpi high quality scans for amazing image detail.

Canon MX882 Review

In a nutshell, Canon MX882 pixma is very user-friendly and it has excellent quality of the prints and fax.

Another think you must know is Canon has an excellent customer support, so if you confuse to figure something out; do not hesitate to contact them.

Canon MX882 has great rating and more than 250 satisfied customer reviews, what costumer say about this all in one wireless printer?

After five months of use, I’m still very happy with the ‘Canon MX882 printer’ and would definitely purchase again

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Best Hybrid Solar Powered Flashlight

solar flashlight, Hybrid Solar Powered Flashlight

Hybrid Solar Flashlight is one of the special flashlights which designed with the solar revolutionary technology, so you can use at a long time without having to recharge using electrical devices in your home.

The household tools which use solar-energy power usually only work properly if it gets an enough sunlight intensity during the day, while for this Solar Flashlight; you need to charge once and it can be hold for more than three years.

So, you do not need to accompany bask in the blazing hot sun every day for hanging out with this Hybrid Solar Flashlight and wait until the battery is charged fully.

One important thing you must realize that the sun is the best evergreen energy and environmentally friendly.

solar flashlight, Hybrid Solar Powered Flashlight

Hybrid Solar Flashlight is suitable for use by someone who often went out at night or have a job that requires frequently travel at night, and a good idea if you add this solar flashlight to the list of your emergency equipment tools 🙂

Hybrid Solar Flashlight Features :

1. Super Bright 1-Watt 2x LED.

2. Eleven continuous years of burn time on LED or 22 years of burn time when the position only at night.

3. It holds a single charge for over three years and comes fully charged.

4. Always Ready – Solar Powered.

5. Dimensions: Weight:1.5 Pounds, Length: 14 inches; Width: 7 inches, Height: 2 inches

6. Two Item Package Quantity with seven-year shelf life back up Lithium Ion Battery

Hybrid Solar Flashlight is suitable for a person who doing research and requires to stay several days in a forest without having to worry about running out of battery.

In addition, if you already have children and want to give lessons about loving nature, take them camping in your backyard or garden and make sure you have this Hybrid Solar Flashlight.

This product has a great rating from majority consumers, and what consumers think about this Solar Flashlight?

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Cheap Canon BCI-6 Printer Ink

cheap canon-bci-6-printer-Ink, Canon Ink Cartridges Reviews, Canon BCI-6 Printer Ink

Do you find about the Cheap Canon Ink Cartridges for your Canon Printer You’ve found the right place friend 🙂

If you are a graphic design, or someone who has a hobby of photography, the quality Ink Cartridges are things you should consider so that you have a printer who produces excellent quality prints.

Every graphic designer wants the results of which he created through the collaboration of imagination, creativity and ‘high taste of color’ can be represented as much as possible from the display object.

Similarly, for the photographers: photo objects which you record and printed with good ink printer will produce images more vibrant and naturally as beautiful as the original object.

cheap canon-bci-6-printer-Ink, Canon Ink Cartridges Reviews, Canon BCI-6 Printer Ink

Cheap Canon BCI-6 Printer Ink Pros :

1. Rating 4.7 from five stars and 100 positive reviews from customer

2. Compatible with Canon i9900 photo printer

3. Eight individual color ink tanks support Canon’s 8-color print system:

Black, cyan, photo magenta, red, photo cyan, green, magenta, and yellow ink tanks

4. Easy to install design

5. Quality results from genuine Canon printer ink.

If you need excellence ink for your Canon i9900 photo printer, this printer ink is the best answer for you.

This eight-pack of individual ink tanks offers all the colors you’ll need. It includes one each of the following:

BCI-6PM Photo Magenta Ink Tank, BCI-6R Red Ink Tank, BCI-6Y Yellow Ink Tank , BCI-6Bk Black Ink Tank BCI-6C Cyan Ink Tank, BCI-6G Green Ink Tank, BCI-6M Magenta Ink Tank and BCI-6PC Photo Cyan Ink Tank.

Please take the time to see this video :

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