Big Praying Mantis Dance

These insects are referred to as “praying mantis” (because their body position and movements are often similar to praying poses). Mantis praying is a type of insect that enters the Mantodea order. praying mantis who loves to dance is also synonymous with the nickname of Kungfu grasshopper, because praying mantis often lifts both legs at the front, such as martial arts moves. Praying mantis includes being the most viral insect on social media or the most viral grasshopper at the moment or most viral grasshopper 2019. Reproduction of praying mantis by praying mantis mating, then after praying mantis is pregnant, then the next process of praying mantis will lay eggs, and then praying mantis gives birth to its child through eggs that hatch.

Quoted from wikipedia, that a female praying mantis that is pregnant can produce a large foam mass or oothecae. Where the Oothecae can hold up to 300 eggs, where all eggs are protected in a foam bag. This Oothecae is produced in the fall – then after that the mature adult praying mantis – and praying mantis young hatch in up to 5 months. Some praying mantis species hatch in small intervals, and the hatching process will occur for 5 weeks before the larvae appear fully. Facts about praying mantis, while praying mantis pregnant not only produces oothecae, but also oothecae which are infertile or which have not been mated. Praying mantis species, such as Brunneria Borealis, will produce oothecae through parthenogenesis. In this condition, male praying mantis is not needed to produce fertile ootheca, but all the praying mantis produced by this process are female mantis praying children. The next praying mantis fact is a type of grasshopper that can turn its head and as an insect that wants to interact, also playing with humans.

Another fact of praying mantis, praying mantis is a carnivorous animal (praying mantis attack or praying mantis eating animal), which is a type of animal commonly eaten by various praying mantis from small insects such as crickets, butterflies, bees, to vertebrate animals. Praying mantis hunting to eats vertebrate animals such as small snakes, mice, lizards, frogs, and small birds. Another praying mantis facts, besides loving dancing and wiggling his body, are young praying mantis beside has little body also has no wings, so praying mantis young cannot fly. The adult praying mantis has wings and can be used to fly. As seen in this praying mantis dance video, where after playing with humans, praying mantis flies to land on a tree..

Big Praying Mantis close up video :

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