A Pathway Program, Is it your dream?

Are you confused to choose a great university for your future?

Each person has different dreams. Whatever your dream, you should planing for your future systematically.

Please remember that your future is starting from your decision on this day.

When my friend told me about his sister who wish to find a university, he suggest her to find information about Australian university. What crossed in your mind about Australian university? Expensive, impossible or where will I stay in?

However, are you sure that what your opinion is true?

Several months ago, I heard an information that students can pay tuition at a low price through a pathway program.

Some universities that have this program are Deakin University and Curtin University. I do not know the other universities that offering the similar programs.

My friend said, this program has widely offered in other countries, not only in Aussie.

1pathway program

I can not remember it well, because I do not intend to continue my studies in other countries. The online world is so spacious guys. We can learn about how to build a WordPress website without going to the course.

At the beginning, it is so dizzy to learn HTML and PHP code alone.

It is not surprising me when my friend hiring a professional WordPress agency.

I prefer to learn about everything from online. So, I don’t think to leave this place for a long time. However, my friend told me that the place where I live is too quiet for a young man.

That’s right, but life is a choice. I have peace of mind and can enjoy myself at this place 😀

Back to topic, what is interest side of the pathway program?

This pathway program can realize your dream to study in other countries at an affordable cost. Some sources said that students can save the cost for more than forty thousand dollars. It is a fantastic, because $1 is equal to IDR 13, 3xx .

Firstly, the students usually still learning in their country. On the second or third year, you’re going to study in a different country. If you are a person who easily for adapt to the new place, it is great.

I know, it takes a time for some people, but You do not have to worry. Convince yourself that you can deal with this situation. You will get a lot of new experiences with your new friend from many countries. It sounded a really cool, right?

To get more information about this program on Google, you can write down keywords related to: international pathway program. I think the most important reference is the people who has attended with this program.

Find information as much as possible in order to make you more confident for realizing your future. Are you getting attracted to follow it?

Visa Arrangements Problem

Visa is a another reason why I am not interested to follow the pathway program or traveling abroad. The submission process is quite complicated.

Each university may be different in the requested your document, so you should be careful to reading about all of the required terms of pathway program.

Health and a home stay costs

Health and a place to stay costs are two other things that are often considered by your parents. If you have an uncle or a brother who lives in Australia, it is easy for you.

The parents sometimes worried about the high cost of health and his boarding lease during university.

International hostel was a place to stay that is usually reserved for students who come from other countries. Health insurance is not a new thing for universities that has a pathway program, particularly in Aussie.

Additionally, It is better for you to hire a consultant. You may spend additional costs for it, but it will be easier for you or your parent to get a best solution for your pathway program.

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