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About Kanye West Story

About Kanye West Story – Kanye West may have found the same spirit in herselves Madonna. The Queen of Pop in 2015 expressing admiration for Kanye in an interview. In an interview with Dailynews reported by Billboard, Saturday (03/07/2015), Madonna exalts the figure of Kanye with all the praise. “Kanye is the new Madonna, Kanye is a black Madonna”.

In 2015, Madonna cooperating with “top rappers” who is also the husband of Kim Kardashian’s. He worked with Kanye West in a claim new album. The album that was released on March 6, 2015, in the United States with the headline Rebel Heart.

Kanye West was involved in the making of the album as a pop queen producer. Kanye became the producer of Madonna in a song called `Illuminati`. In the song, Kanye West was also assisted by Dean and Charlie Heat. Cultivation of the song that turned out to based on the same musical tastes between Madonna to Kanye West.

The other side of the figure Kanye West that he is known rather rude to the media crew. He does not like a smile to the paparazzi. Not only that, the behavior and properties of less mannered Kanye West make the guards raised their hands and surrender. One of them is Steve, a former bodyguard Kanye West could vent and lamented when berkeja for Kim Kardashian family. Steve reveals the vices of Kanye West that was very difficult to set up. In fact, Kanye likes organize guards arbitrarily. Steve reveals the vices of Kanye West that was very difficult to set up.

In fact, Kanye Like the guards set arbitrarily. However, Kanye West is the actor and singer the world’s top class which has many achievements and fans in various countries. Manyv fans seeking for The Best Kanye West canvas posters. Can you help me to find it online?